Heartbreak Island contestant, Stacy

Age: 23

Occupation: Business Owner & Engineer

Location: Dannevirke

Despite his successful business, Stacy's love life could use some extra attention.

In his spare time he loves being outdoors and hitting the slopes, but with the demands of work ever increasing, there’s not a lot of time to date.

Fit, competitive and “natural at everything’, Stacy could be the one to watch on Heartbreak Island if he opens his heart to the game.

Are you looking for love coming into the show? 

I’m definitely looking to settle down. I thought this would be the chance to find someone genuine and nice.

Describe yourself in three words.

Over-achiever, natural at everything, charming. 

What is the most surprising thing about you? 

My maturity. 

Describe your ideal date.


Describe your ideal partner and what qualities they’d have.

They’d be driven, motivated and settled. 

Relationship deal-breakers? 

Smokers and girls with bad hygiene. 


Someone who is driven to succeed and knows what she wants. A nice smile is an added bonus!


Someone who is too worried about social media. 

Who is your celebrity crush?

Kendall Jenner.