Heartbreak Island Disruptor, Natasha

Age: 23

Occupation: Student / Lifestyle Blogger 

Location: North Auckland

Natasha isn’t your typical 23-year-old.

A single mum to her three-year-old son Ryan, the gorgeous blonde has her head screwed on and relishes in her responsibilities as a parent.

She’s not looking for a father for her son, but someone who understands she comes as a package and can bring her out of her shell.

Will she find him on Heartbreak Island?

Are you looking for love coming onto the show?

I have been single for almost four years, ever since my son was born and I am at a time in my life where I want to find the one and look at settling down. 

Describe yourself in three words...

Compassionate, motivated, environmentally conscious. 

What's your biggest achievement in life so far?

My biggest achievement in life is by far my son Ryan, but also because I have raised him on my own since the day he was born, while managing to work and study towards a good career.

It has been the hardest but most rewarding achievement in my life and I wouldn’t change him for the world. 

Describe your ideal date...

Something typically romantic, like having dinner and watching the sunset. 

Describe your ideal partner, and what qualities they'd have...

Someone who has life-goals, a mature outlook on life, is confident, fun and easy-going. 


Strong shoulders, TALL, someone who takes care of themselves, a nice smile and a good sense of humour. 


Someone who smokes, has no motivation or drive and selfishness.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Tom Hardy.