Heartbreak Island Disruptor, Liam

Age: 22

Occupation: Event Manager 

Location: West Auckland 

Big, muscly and “sexy”, the other guys on the island might want to watch their backs with Liam around.

The 22-year-old Event Manager and boxing promoter travels the world with NZ’s finest, so he’s sure to have picked up a tip or two for taking out opponents and coming out on top.

A big softie at heart, will Liam have his eye on the prize, or will the lure of attraction prove a distraction?

Are you looking for love coming onto the show?

I wouldn’t say I’m looking for love, but I would like to make a genuine connection with someone. Whatever happens, happens. 

Describe yourself in three words...

Big and sexy.

What's the most surprising thing about you?

I don’t know – that’s for other people to decide. Some seem to be surprised that I get to hang out with Joseph Parker for a job. 

Describe your ideal date...

Either at the Eiffel Tower or in an empty bar in New York with a juke box, sitting in a red vinyl booth. 

Describe your ideal partners and what qualities they'd have.

Someone who is funny, kind, attractive, active and honest. 


A good sense of humour. Someone with less than 20 sexual partners. 


Velcro sandals and someone who has more than 100 sexual partners. 

Who is your celebrity crush?