Heartbreak Island contestant, Joshua

Age: 26

Occupation: Event Management / DJ

Location: Auckland 

With a chiseled jaw and abs to match, it’s no surprise that Joshua's utilised his good looks and smooth moves in the DJ box.

Will Joshua find true love on Heartbreak Island, or will his party-boy ways prove too much of a distraction?

Are you looking for love coming into the show? 

Since I was 15 I’ve spent my life in various long term relationships. After being single for about a year I felt like I was ready to share my life with someone again. Coming into the show, I thought worst case scenario is I get a free holiday and best case scenario is I might get a new girlfriend and a free holiday! So we’ll see how it goes. 

Describe yourself in three words.

Loud, sensitive, weird.

What is the most surprising thing about you? 

I used to be a topless podium dancer in the clubs  in London!

Describe your ideal date.

Croatia, Ibiza or Barcelona. A beachside dinner, a few drinks, then head out to the club to get a little weird and twisty and dance the night away. 

Describe your ideal partner and what qualities they’d have.

My ideal partner is someone that is comfortable in their own skin. Someone who doesn’t need to cake themselves in make-up every day, I find more beauty in someone that is happy to be as they are. I’m pretty into my fitness, so I like a girl with similar interests. By no means does that mean you have to go to the gym five days a week, just someone that likes to go for a hike or do active things. 

Relationship deal-breakers? 

Selfishness is also a big deal breaker. People that don’t have goals and who don’t push themselves.


A girl who is adventurous, confident and positive. Oh, and back tickles!!! 


Girls who eat with their mouths open. Loud chewers. Selfishness is also a big turn-off in my book.  

Who is your celebrity crush? 

Jessica Alba, Blake Lively, Amber Heard.