Heartbreak Island contestant, Izaak

Age: 21

Occupation: Pilot Instructor / Event Management 

Location: Wellington

Izaak is an easy-going explorer with a big heart who loves being in the great outdoors. 

He’s looking for a girl who enjoys stepping outside of her comfort zone and can match his thirst for adventure.

He's used to handling the technicalities of a plane, so will the Heartbreak Island girls be in a safe pair of hands with Izzy?

Are you looking for love coming into the show? 


Describe yourself in three words.

Cheeky, weird, gentleman. 

What is the most surprising thing about you? 

People are usually very surprised at how young I am to be teaching people to fly. I have always been obsessed with planes and caught the flying bug from a young age - the thought of travelling the world, whilst being paid for it, sounded pretty sweet. I fell in love with the most amazing office in the world.

Describe your ideal date.

A bottle of Brachetto d’ Acqui (stunning sticky red wine, you must try it if you haven’t), a cliff-top picnic at sunset, with pillows and blankets to keep us cosy. Oh, and a bottle of mozzy spray!

Describe your ideal partner and what qualities they’d have.

Someone who is able to have a good laugh. Good chat is a must! I love a girl who is able to step outside her comfort zone and be adventurous. 

Relationship deal-breakers? 

Someone lazy. And changing songs half way through.


I’m a sucker for nice eyes! Gym tights and an accent do it for me too. 

Turn offs?

Someone with no manners. 

Who is your celebrity crush?

Singer Raelee Nikole. We’re getting married, she just doesn’t know it yet.