Heartbreak Island

Heartbreak Island

Heartbreak Island will set hearts racing and temperatures rising when a group of single guys and girls put everything on the line in a bid to find their perfect match and be in with the chance of winning $100,000.

Heartbreak Island
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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Monday 11 Jun 2018

    PG Matilda Rice and Mark Dye introduce the 16 singles looking for love in Fiji. Sparks fly when the singles first meet, but who's in it for love and who's in it for the $100,000 prize?

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      • Thursday 11 Apr 2019

      16L Season Finale: Our last two couples head into the grand finale. So who will triumph in a gruelling series of challenges?

      • Wednesday 10 Apr 2019

      16L Romantic lunches at world-class tropical resorts are on the menu today as our three couples anticipate the last elimination tonight. Can an apology over lunch put one couple back together?

      • Tuesday 9 Apr 2019

      16L The countdown to finals is on! So which of our last three couples will take out the $100,000, the prize pack, and the title of 'Heartbreak Island Winners' by the end of the week?

      • Thursday 4 Apr 2019

      ML An investigation into the secret kiss creates a dilemma - play the game to avoid elimination, or risk it all by clearing the air with your partner and putting your relationship to the test.

      • Wednesday 3 Apr 2019

      16L It's the challenge they've all been dreading, and it's worse than they imagined. Who whimpers in the face of their greatest fear, and who rises to the challenge? Plus, a secret kiss becomes a weapon.

      • Tuesday 2 Apr 2019

      16L It's treat time as our final four couples experience day time adventures and overnight dates in high end tropical resorts. So who is relishing the chance of some alone time?

      • Thursday 28 Mar 2019

      16L In the aftermath of last night's "Tropi-drama" session, tension is at an all-time high on the island. Will the self-proclaimed 'most hated man on the island' be able to make amends?

      • Wednesday 27 Mar 2019

      16L A rebooted version of the Ball Breaker challenge takes everyone by surprise, just as the new arrivals start to settle in. So can our rewind contestants prove their worth a second time around?

      • Tuesday 26 Mar 2019

      16L A rewind theme kicks off this week starting with a Passion Play twist no one saw coming. So who will be 'rewound' back into the game? Which couple jump at the chance to join the mix?

      • Thursday 21 Mar 2019

      16L It's elimination time so who will be on the chopping block this week? Will the boyfriend rumours put one couple at greater risk of being swapped out in the playback?

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