Stephen Mangan as Richard Pitt

Here's why we think you'll enjoy the show.

It’s unapologetically hilarious. 
The humour is a winning combination of awkward, cynical and surprising. It will appeal to even the toughest of comedy crowds.

It’s topical.
The emotional clutter, the distracted father, the exaggerated millennial. The show addresses stereotypes and clichés, without being one itself. 

It’s a British remake of an American concept.
Lisa Kudrow's Web Therapy was hugely popular when it launched back in 2011. Hang Ups is (loosely) based on the same ideas, but could be considered more relevant and relatable.

It moves quickly. 
It’s energetic, organised chaos in every scene, not what you’d assume to experience in a show about counselling. 

The visuals are unique and modern.
A lot of the scenes appear to be shot through a webcam or selfie camera. It feels intimate and topical, and it’s fun to watch. 

There’s nothing else like it in comedy.
With the exception of its American counterpart, Hang Ups resides in a genre of its own. Mental health is considered a bit of a taboo topic, not to be laughed at. But when it's approached in the right way, it provides endless comedy fodder. 

Stephen Mangan (as Richard) is quite brilliant.
Be prepared to feel well-acquainted with his character. A fair chunk of the show is close-ups of Richard’s face, but it doesn’t feel repetitive or boring, you could watch him for hours. 

There’s heaps of other famous faces too. 
The likes of Charles Dance (Game of Thrones), David Tennant (Doctor Who) and Richard E. Grant (Star Wars). And not in roles you might expect either.

It will make your problems seem insignificant.
The people in Richard’s sphere have some real baffling, often socially-crippling issues (or at least they think they do). 

It's "glorious"... according the to The Guardian.
And Digital Spy described it as "the best comedy in ages." We agree on both counts.

The title is a pun of perfection. 
The show is literally a series of phone calls, about relationships, people and their various hang ups. Genius.  

So book an appointment, because you’ll definitely walk away from it feeling happier. 
Stream the first episode of Hang Ups right here.