Brigitte Hjort Sørensen as Victoria

Set between Copenhagen and Frankfurt, Greyzone follows Victoria, a trailblazing drone engineer who is taken hostage by a group of terrorists. 

Caught between two strong opposing forces, Victoria struggles to placate her captors and protect her family, while also trying to prevent a terrorist attack on Scandinavian soil.

Her complicated relationship with her kidnappers, the constant jeopardy, and the introduction of the family angle make Victoria’s journey an exhilarating one.  

Birgitte Hjort Sørensen takes on the serious role of Victoria, a dramatic shift in tone compared to her recent appearance in Pitch Perfect.  Sørensen admits that it didn’t take much convincing, she was hooked just moments after reading the first script.  

But this isn’t just another Nordic drama. Channel 4 UK’s Walter Iuzzolino describes it as, “ambitious, sleek and utterly compelling.” 

It moves away from the moody, whodunnit murder mystery we’ve come to expect. As the name suggests, Greyzone explores the shady area between good and evil, and the conflict that exists within all of us.

The series also shines a light on terrorism, from a unique perspective. It’s comparable to the likes of Homeland and Quantico, but without the U.S. military influence. 

This isn’t the type of terrorism we see on the news, yet it will resonate with a wider audience, as it draws parallels to the current social and political climate. Meanwhile the intertwining personal relationships add depth and significance. 

Showrunner Rasmus Thorsen knew that authenticity would be vital to producing a show of this description. “We did a lot of research,” he says. The writers had regular meetings with a celebrated military psychiatrist and hostage negotiator. They also channelled real-life examples provided by Frank Jensen, former Head of Operations at the Danish P.E.T (Secret Services).  

“Terrorism can be portrayed simplistically, with good on one side, and evil on the other,” says Thorsen. “But under a magnifying glass, things are more complex.”  The series characterises this belief, crossing borders and addressing conflict in a distinctively refreshing way. 

Stream the first season of Greyzone from Thursday 26 July on TVNZ OnDemand.