Martin Henderson as Dr. Nathan Riggs.

We can now confirm (with a heavy heart), that the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, was in fact the last for Dr. Nathan Riggs. 

WARNING: Spoilers below. Watch Season 14, Episode 5 here

In the episode, Riggs’ backstory and his tumultuous relationship with Megan Hunt were revealed through a series of flashbacks.

The final moments showed him starting a new life with Megan and her son, down in sunny California. A stark contrast to the Iraqi battleground where the pair originally met.  

His other option was staying in Seattle and coupling up with Meredith Grey - which would likely have ended in heartbreak, considering her track record.  

So although we’re sad that Riggs’ story has come to an end, we’re glad he got his happy ending. 

Actor Martin Henderson was reportedly pleased with his character’s drama-free exit. 

Executive Producer Shonda Rimes agreed, saying “I loved that we were able to give Riggs a happy ending worthy of his character and talent.” 

They’ve also left his story suitably open for a possible return in the future (fingers crossed).

“I would never close the door,” Henderson said cryptically… so watch this space!

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