Dr Owen Hunt, in his Army days.

Here’s what we know already:

Show-regular Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) served in the U.S. Army, before coming to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital way back in Season 5.

Owen and Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson) trained together in the field, and became like brothers. They remained close, serving together as medics in the Army.

That is, until Riggs met Owen's sister Megan (Abigail Spencer), and they fell in love. Riggs was supposedly unfaithful to Megan though.

Shortly after, Megan went missing. She was onboard an evacuation helicopter in Iraq, flying over hostile airspace with a patient. The chopper never reached its destination, and Megan was presumed dead. 

Megan Hunt, on duty in Iraq.

Owen blamed Riggs for Megan's disappearance, and the incident sparked a feud between the once-close friends.

Riggs’ arrival in Seattle brought back all the horror for Owen, but the pair eventually (tentatively) reconciled.

In season 14, more than ten years after her disappearance, Megan was found. She’d been held captive by rebels, and had a pretty serious abdominal injury.

With the help of her brother and Riggs, Megan returned to Seattle to be patched up, with her adopted son in tow.

Now it seems, we’re finally going to get a first-hand look at the events that took place in the lead-up to Megan's disappearance.

Grey’s showrunners have confirmed that this week’s episode (titled Danger Zone) will take place mostly in flashback sequences.

Owen and Megan will unpack the baggage of their shared past, against the backdrop of war-torn Iraq.

Riggs and Teddy (Kim Raver) will also be appearing as their past-selves.

We’re hoping that we’ll finally learn the truth about what went down over there, and put the family feud to rest once and for all.

Kevin McKidd as Owen Hunt.

In saying that, Owen suffered pretty bad PTSD when he first arrived in Seattle. On top of losing his sister, he was honourably discharged because his whole platoon was killed.

So it’s pretty safe to assume that the episode will be one rough trip down memory lane…

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