Ellen Pompeo, as Meredith Grey.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead. Stream the latest Grey’s Anatomy episodes here.

Now in its 14th season, Grey’s Anatomy has become something of a television institution.

The medical drama first went to air back in 2005. It’s been saving lives and breaking hearts ever since.  

This week marks the 300th episode of the series, and if we know Grey’s at all, we know it will be momentous.

Star of the show, Ellen Pompeo, hinted that the episode will be “a love letter to the original cast.” Aside from her character (Meredith Grey), only three others from Season 1 remain. (Miranda Bailey, Alex Karev and Richard Webber).

The original Grey's Anatomy cast.

The synopsis suggests that an event at the hospital will stir up flashbacks for Meredith. Her close friends George O’Malley, Christina Yang, and Izzy Stevens will somehow show up to haunt her. 

Showrunner Krista Vernoff shared that the episode, although nostalgic, will be more lightheated than sad or dramatic. “If there is a theme, it’s the ghosts of our pasts,” Vernoff said. 

We’re excited to take a walk down memory lane, and give a nod to some of our favourites who’ve been and gone.   

Grey’s Anatomy’s 300th episode will be available Friday 9 November from 8pm. Stream it right here.