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Go Girls

Stream every season of this addictive local drama! Go back to the beginning with friends Amy, Britta, Cody and Kevin as they embark on an epic quest to change their lives in just one year.

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    Season 1, Episode 1

    ML Amy, Britta and Cody are three young women suffering their quarter century crisis: they're 25 and what have they achieved? They have just made a vow that in one year they'll each fulfill their ambition: Amy will be rich, Britta will be famous and Cody will be married.

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      M Ted wants to protect his friends from the witch that is Candy McMann. But an angel also needs his protection.

      M Levi has big schemes for parties, awards and a new love interest for Ted. Meanwhile, Candy and Bennie both run into the hottest man on the Shore.

      M Ted gets help from the most unlikely suspect; as Bennie investigates crimes of the heart.

      MS Levi finds a sure fire way to crush Tiana into midget pulp; as Alice's naughty weekend leads to big trouble.

      MS Ted's determined to win Sarah, as he and Bennie get an unexpected windfall. And Candy's punishment could be a romantic opportunity.

      M Ted fears for Bennie; as Levi faces his ultimate fear. And Alice is having scary dreams - the ones about the Ex...

      M Alice claims to have been super-bad - but is it true? And will she go further? Meanwhile, Candy's heroic deed leads to a tough choice over Dr Hot.

      MS The death of Levi's high school nemesis brings many blasts from the past. But who is hiding secrets from back then?

      MS Ted gets excited when he finds Gordon is having an affair. And estranged from her friends, Candy returns to the dark side.

      M Alice finds her wild life might wreck her career, as Ted finds he has an enemy close to home.

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