Gloriavale's Dove Love.

The isolated West Coast religious community continues to fascinate the nation.

In Gloriavale, ingenuity, hard work and self-sacrifice are practised every day.

These fundamentalist Christians struggle to maintain their distance and autonomy from the outside world.

In these brand new stories, we catch up with familiar faces like Dove Love, Paul and Pearl. 

We'll meet some new ones too, Mercy, Treasure and Blessed. 

With expanding families and ever more mouths to feed, Gloriavale is constantly coming up with new business ventures.

From building their own beehives and constructing a honey factory, to designing and making a massive dishwasher and chip fryer.

They also make their own clothes, build their own homes and write their own music, songs and stories.  

This series will also follow the social differences between this community and the rest of New Zealand.

It focuses on early childhood, women’s roles, censorship and governance.

Gloriavale: The Return will premiere this May on TVNZ OnDemand.