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    Season 2

      • Wednesday 6 Mar 2013

      G It's back to the future as Te Radar visits Houston to see how the De Lorean is leading the way in electric transport.

      • Wednesday 13 Mar 2013

      G Te Radar looks at oil alternatives like alligator fat, and finds out how a mix of sunlight and old kiwifruit can juice up a car.

      • Wednesday 20 Mar 2013

      G Te Radar uncovers the hidden potential in two weeds' one provides food and cleans water, the other makes houses, roads, bridges, bullet proof suits and even pizza.

      • Wednesday 27 Mar 2013

      G Te Radar looks into water to see why our long finned eel is up the creek without a paddle, and uses his body to test ways to clean up the water.

      • Wednesday 3 Apr 2013

      PGR Te Radar finds local food is a global concern with honey smugglers targeting our golden goodness.

      • Sunday 4 Jan 2015

      G Hunting out green design leads Te Radar to the USA where old tyres, cans and bottles form homes of the future, and to Kapiti where a chap uses rocks to air-condition his home.

      • Sunday 11 Jan 2015

      PGR Te Radar travels to Cuba to discover ways to farm using natural solutions, without chemicals and often without modern machinery.

      • Sunday 18 Jan 2015

      G Season Final: Te Radar finds that when it comes to land the more you put in, the more you get out thanks to a school in Hamilton turning their grounds into the classroom of the future.