George and Me

George and Me

Come along on a journey through the weird and wonderful human body with George and his friend Me.

George and Me
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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Blood and Cuts

    G George is awesome at skateboarding… ME not so much! A fall and a scrape means George and ME get to find out how cuts heal.

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      • Manawa (Heart)

      G While skating, George notices his quickening pulse, leading George and ME to investigate ME's heart. Manawa is a very strong and confident character who, like all muscles, needs exercise!

      • Pūkahukahu (Lungs)

      G George and ME hold their breaths until ME's lungs, a pair of soprano diva's, decide to take over and belt out an opera, leading to an exploration of these airy organs.

      • Whekau (Intestines)

      G ME blows George's mind by explaining how long his intestines are! Inside ME's intestines George and ME encounter some grumblings...

      • Repe Taiaki Huka (Pancreas)

      G ME is disappearing and reappearing around the skate park playing tricks on George. ME is mysterious, a bit like his pancreas. George and ME make a visit to Repe Taiaki Huka, making sure they are very respectful.

      • Takihi (Kidneys)

      G George sorts his lunch waste into rubbish and recycling, but he didn't know this happens inside the body too! ME introduces his kidneys who are busy sorting waste and recycling blood.

      • Tongamimi (Bladder)

      G George is mastering a new trick, and practice makes perfect. But ME can't stay... his bladder's telling him she's about to burst!

      • Puku (Stomach)

      G Eating lunch leads to an investigation of ME's most acidic organ, his stomach, where they experience the 'squeezy dance' of the digestive system.

      • Ate (Liver)

      G ME introduces George to his toughest organ - the liver. He's a digestive superhero handling poisons, storing nutrients… and if part of him is removed he can regrow!

      • Roro (Brain)

      G George is learning new tricks on his skateboard. How does he learn? ME introduces him to his Roro, undoubtedly the smartest organ in ME's body.

      • Aho Tuawai (Spinal Cord)

      G Messages travel from our brain to every part of our body, but how? George meets ME's spinal cord, the connector delivering important messages to every part of the body.