George and Me

George and Me

Come along on a journey through the weird and wonderful human body with George and his friend Me.

George and Me
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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Blood and Cuts

    G George is awesome at skateboarding… ME not so much! A fall and a scrape means George and ME get to find out how cuts heal.

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      • Sprain

      G George and ME are off on a hike! While pretending to be a spy, ME trips over and sprains his ankle, but George uses his first aid skills to teach us how to help.

      • Concussion

      G While looking for birds, ME climbs up a tree to get a better look but he falls over and hits his head, causing a concussion. George investigates and sees what happens to our brains when we fall.

      • Abrasion

      G When ME is acting like a ninja he falls and grazes his arm. George and ME take a closer look at how coagulation works.

      • Cut Wounds

      G George and ME are setting up camp! While cutting some rope ME accidentally cut his hand, so they take a closer look and see how our blood cells work together.

      • Burns

      G George and ME are cooking up some yummy kai, but ME gets a little too close to the fire and burns his hand. They dive in and learn how burns heal.

      • Hypothermia

      G George and ME are searching for treasure! ME didn't bring any warm clothes though, causing hypothermia. George learns all about what happens when our body temperature drops too low.

      • Asthma

      G While George and ME are having a race, ME has an asthma attack. They both go in for a close look at ME’s lungs and what happens during an asthma attack.