Roisin Conaty as Marcella.

Marcella, the subject of GameFace (played by British comedian Roisin Conaty), is still trying to find her feet.

The dark comedy sees her stumbling through life, avoiding responsibility, usually with a raging hangover. 

She’s had some setbacks, life hasn’t exactly been kind. A struggling actress, Marcella is reduced to playing fairy tale princesses at kids’ birthday parties.

Her ex-boyfriend swiftly moved on, she has debt hanging over her, and every new temp job feels like a fresh hell. 

The show sheds a light on some heavier issues, addressing depression and addiction with tentative, heartfelt humour.

There’s an underlying positivity though, a sense that even though her life is unraveling, things will always get better. 

When asked what her coping mechanisms are, Marcella replies “carbs, fags and wine.” 

Marcella’s outlook on life is refreshing and relatable, and will strike a chord with young adults everywhere. You’ll cringe, cry and laugh out loud with her.  

GameFace is a big-hearted comedy that somehow makes loneliness and self-defeat seem funny.

This isn’t just one woman’s nightmare, it’s a smile and a nod to anyone who’s ever had an off-day.

So grab a drink, and stream season 1 of GameFace right here.