1. Courtney Cox was originally offered the role of Rachel. 

2. Matt LeBlanc was completely broke when he auditioned for Joey. He bought dinner with his first paycheck. Courtney Cox bought a car...

3. Lisa Kudrow was absolutely terrified by the prospect of having a duck on set. 

4. When the show was first written, the main romantic storyline was between Monica and Joey. Weird! 

5. In the final season, the six main actors earned a whopping US $1 million per episode. 

6. Courtney Cox is the only cast member NOT to receive an Emmy nomination for her role in Friends. 

7. David Schwimmer directed 10 episodes of the show.

8. Gunther was originally written as a background role, with no dialogue at all. He demanded more.

9. Alternative suggestions for the show title were Friends Like UsSix of One and Across the Hall.

10. Phoebe’s surrogacy storyline was written because Lisa Kudrow was actually pregnant.

11. “How you doin?” was ranked number four in the TV Guide’s list of Top 20 Catchphrases.

12. Friends was offered an eleventh season. The cast turned it down, not wanting to ruin the reputation of the show. 

13. Ross and Rachel’s daughter Emma was actually played by twins.

14. Jon Cryer (who played Alan on Two and Half a Men), was originally offered the role of Chandler. 

15. Lisa Kudrow hates singing, and felt nervous before every one of Phoebe’s performances.

16. 30-second commercial spots in the final episode sold for around US $2 million each. EACH. 

17. Matthew Perry says he barely remembers filming three seasons of the show, due to his drug addiction problems.  

18. Friends was filmed on the same soundstage that was used for Full House. 

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