1. It’s timeless It may have started in 1994, but the characters and the humour will always be relatable. 

2. It’s an institutionFriends is responsible for a whole generation worth of everyday slang phrases. E.g “How you doin?” “Pivot!” “We were on a break.” “Here come the meat sweats.” 

3. It survived a whole decadeIn today’s competitive world, where TV shows are as expendable as socks or takeaway coffee cups, Friends' 10-season-run seems all the more impressive. 

4. The characters feel like your actual friendsYou've spent so much time with the gang, that you feel like you know them for real. You've shared their highs and lows, heartbreaks and happy endings. Some friendships are fleeting, others last a lifetime. 

5. It’s not all silly pranks and bad jokesIn some sitcoms the laugh track is seriously overused, it's gag after gag and it gets tiresome. Friends though, addresses real issues alongside the laughs. E.g infertility, depression and hurtful stereotyping are all presented in a tactful and heartfelt way.

6. You'll never forget the theme song The iconic Rembrandts tune will live on, and be forever stuck in your head. Coz you’re there for me toooooo. 

7. That nostalgia factor.Not only do you get a kick out of watching the original storylines unfold, you also get to relive the wondrous fashions of the early 90s. 

8. There’s a Friend for everyone Deciding which “Friend” you are in your own circle is always a great topic for a healthy debate. “Just because I like to clean does NOT make me Monica, okay!?” 

9. It doesn't shy away from the important conversationsNot many 90s TV shows openly talked about gay relationships, threesomes or sexual satisfaction in general. Friends was a frontrunner.  

10. It puts your life into perspective If you’ve ever felt embarrassed or awkward, you can guarantee that a Friends character has had it worse. Your first-world problems are laughable in comparison.

11. It proves that it’s okay to be geekyRoss likes dinosaurs and that’s okay. Chandler’s got no game but we love him anyway. 

12. The line-up of guest stars is phenomenalIt’s not often you get to see a young and relatively un-famous Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Bruce Willis, Robin Williams, Reese Witherspoon… did we drop enough names yet? 

13. It’s hilarious Obviously. It was made to make us laugh, and it still does, time and time again. 

You can watch every episode of Friends, right here from Friday 1 December.

The cast of Friends, in the final season.
The cast of Friends, back in Season 1.