Ross Geller, played by David Schwimmer.

Full Name: Dr. Ross Eustace Gellar

Played by:  David Schwimmer

Personality:  Romantic and emotional. Reluctant to try new things. Science, dinosaurs and stuff.


Carol Willick: Ross’s first wife. Turned out to be a lesbian, but is still the mother of his son Ben.

Charlie Wheeler: a fellow palaeontologist. Initially dated Joey, but had more in common with Ross. They broke up when she got back with her ex.

Emily Waltham: Ross’s second wife. Ross called her “Rachel” during their vows. Overcome by jealousy and distrust, Emily ended the marriage.

Rachel Green: Umm… Where to start? 


Tried to carry a couch up the stairs to his apartment… The word PIVOT could never be taken seriously again.

Tried to school Rachel and Monica in the art of Unagi (the state of awareness, not the sushi), but just ended up freaking everyone out.

Fell asleep reading Rachel’s lengthy emotional letter to him. So they broke up (again).

Got a spray tan, but ended up getting three coats on his front and none on his back.

Rachel told him she was pregnant, so he rang the condom company to complain, as you do.