Rachel Green, played by Jennifer Anniston.

Full Name: Rachel Karen Green 

Played by: Jennifer Anniston

Personality: Spoilt child, crazy and cute. Terrified of being alone, but brave and resourceful. 


Barry: The guy she left at the altar, and the reason she moved to New York. Thank you Barry, for giving us Rachel. 

Paolo: Kind of a womaniser. There for a good time, not a long time. 

Tag: Adorable, but a little young for Rachel. He proved this when he bought her a scooter for her birthday…

Gavin: A little arrogant, but he did bring Rachel chicken soup when he thought she was sick. In another life, they would have been very compatible. 

Ross Gellar: Do the rest even matter? 


Tried on a wedding dress with Monica for fun. Her boyfriend Josh came to the door, and she opened it with an enthusiastic “I DOOO,” sending him running for the hills.

Wanted to relive her youth, so dressed up as a cheerleader for her birthday party. She crashed and burned trying to do a cartwheel.

Realised Ross’s greatest fantasy, and dressed up as Princess Leia in the gold bikini. That’s commitment. 

Tried to make trifle for dessert, but the pages of her recipe book were stuck together and it turned out half Shepherd’s Pie.

Borrowed a stranger’s phone to leave Ross a drunken message, then dropped it in a glass of water when she was done. “And that, my friend, is what they call closure.”