Phoebe Buffay, played by Lisa Kudrow.

Full Name: Phoebe Buffay-Hannigan 

Played by:  Lisa Kudrow

Personality:  Sweet and perpetually positive. Worldly, kind of a hippy, a colourful soul. 


Parker: (Played by Alec Balwdin). His endless cheeriness was too much. 

Gary: The Police Officer who Phoebe got in trouble for impersonating. He shot a bird after they moved in together, and Phoebe couldn’t forgive him. 

David: The adorable, always-nervous scientist, he was possibly Phoebe’s first true love. He left her to work in Minsk, but when he came back for her, Phoebe had moved on. 

Mike Hannigan: Phoebe’s happy ending. Loved her for all of her weirdness. 


Meeting her alter-ego, Regina Phalange.

Was desperate to catch cold germs because she thought it made her voice sexier. 

Decided to take up jogging in Central Park, stomping on the haters with her ‘uncool’ running style.

The Smelly Cat music video. Enough said.

Delivered possibly the most relatable line in TV history. “I wish I could help you but, I don’t want to.”