Monica Geller, played by Courtney Cox.

Full name: Monica E. Geller (nobody actually knows what the E stands for). 

Played by:  Courtney Cox

Personality: Clean freak, a little neurotic. Smart and attractive, hardworking. 


Fun Bobby: Turns out he was only fun because he was an alcoholic. 

Richard Burke: Monica’s first big love. There was quite an age gap, so although they were great together, they essentially wanted different things. 

Chandler Bing: They kept their love affair hidden at first, but it evolved into a deep connection and a happy marriage. #RelationshipGoals


Got stung by a jellyfish and made Chandler pee on it to stop the pain. 

Put a turkey on her head and did a dance, to cheer up Chandler on Thanksgiving.

Thought she was a karaoke superstar, but everyone was cheering because they could see through her shirt. 

Melted hearts all over the world, proposing to Chandler in a roomful of candles.

Bonus: Any flashback episode of high-school Monica (when she was significantly heavier but just as adorable).