Joey Tribbiani, played by Matt LeBlanc.

Full name: Joseph Francis Tribbiani Jr.

Played by:  Matt LeBlanc

Personality: Handsome (and he knows it). Macho, but soft on the inside. Simple-minded, loves women and food. 


Kathy: Cool at first, but then… She cheated on Joey, with Chandler, then cheated on Chandler too. Bye Kathy. 

Janine LeCroix: (Played by Elle Macpherson). Joey’s superhot roommate-turned-girlfriend. She admitted she didn’t think much of Monica and Chandler, so Joey ended it. Family’s family!

Rachel Green: Sure, it was short, and wrong in a lot of ways. But when Joey fell for Rachel it was pretty genuine. 

Himself: Gotta look out for number one, right Joey? 


Wore Rachel’s maternity pants, so his feasting wouldn't be restricted. 

Chandler hid his underpants, so Joey put on every single item of Chandler’s clothing, commando.

His fridge broke so he had no choice but to eat every single thing inside it.

Got himself a man-bag (that was actually a ladies’ purse). And rocked it despite the prejudice from his friends. 

 “How you doin?” Every time.