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Friday Night Bites

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Friday Night Bites – Episode 25

  • Friday 17 Feb

AO Jessica is horrified to find her nude pics online. The flatmates visit a computer shop looking for the help of enigmatic hacker, Mister Bobot, to find the culprit and bring him to justice. Can Mister Bobot do the job, or is he just too weird?


Friday Night Bites Episodes

    • Friday 16 Sep 2016

    AO Jessica, Perlina and Lee join a poorly attended SlutWalk event and run into a Stag party. Singing, dancing, and spirited discussion of rape culture ensues.

    • Friday 16 Sep 2016

    AO The Flat3 girls find an extra-dimensional portal while they're rating penises on Chat Roulette.

    • Friday 16 Sep 2016

    AO After a drunken night out, Jessica gives herself the ultimate affirmation by performing a sexy dance to a lone, hapless petrol station attendent.

    • Friday 23 Sep 2016

    AO The Flat3 girls are tasked with babysitting a 7-year-old girl, but all hell breaks loose when the girl gets into Jessica's dubious browsing history.

    • Friday 30 Sep 2016

    AO An homage to the 1967 film 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner'. Lee's brother Aaron has dinner with his white girlfriend's parents, and the initial politeness soon gives way to a game of penile one-upmanship.

    • Friday 7 Oct 2016

    AO The girls set up an Asian guy friend on a date with a white girl, and he gets into why dating is hell for him.

    • Friday 14 Oct 2016

    AO Perlina is horrified to find herself in some of the photos at the opening of an art exhibition, but is left with a conundrum when she realises the artist is a wheelchair user.

    • Friday 21 Oct 2016

    AO A strange smiling man pursues the girls as they desperately try to drive out of the late-night carpark building. A special horror-comedy Halloween edition of Friday Night Bites.

    • Friday 14 Oct 2016

    AO Jessica dresses as 'Slave Leia' for at Armageddon, but her shrewd money-making venture is called into question by an expo staff member.

    • Friday 4 Nov 2016

    AO Lee is plagued by insomnia and thoughts of revenge in the run up to her high school reunion. She starts driving for Uber to make money and to pass the time, but all is not well in her deep, dark mind.

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