Four years after he was diagnosed with cancer, Fred Hollows knew he didn't have much longer to live. 

It was his vision that everyone, no matter whether they were rich or poor, should have the right to high quality, affordable eye care.

Fred and his wife, Gabi, decided they needed to find a way to continue his work. 

They started the Foundation with a group of friends, to keep Fred's dream alive.

They promised to continue fighting for the change Fred so badly wanted. 

Fred died less that a year later. "It was a terribly sad time, but brightened by the knowledge that through the Fred Hollows Foundation, his work would carry on," said Gabi.

Today Fred's vision continues. We see a world in which no person is needlessly blind. 

The Fred Hollows Foundation opened an office in New Zealand in 1993. This year we're celebrating the Foundation's 25th anniversary. 

That's 25 years of not holding back, a phrase they use to describe how they keep Fred's spirit alive in the work that they do. 

As Fred once said, "when I've seen an opportunity, I haven't sat down and called a committee meeting, I've gone and done it." 

This attitude, and the generous support of Kiwis, has seen the Foundation perform over 50,000 eye operations. 

They've also trained 257 eye doctors and nurses, and funded 7 eye care centres across the Pacific.