Everything you need to know before you return to William McKinley High this month.

1. Ignore everything you’ve learnt from watching American high school movies. 

2. Don’t pick fights with people who are bigger than you. Unless you have backup. 

3. “The patio” is where you want to be at lunchtime. Or underneath the bleachers, that’s where all the action happens.

4. Big sisters should always stand up for their little brothers, however reluctantly. And vice versa. 

5. “Not all good looking people are cool.” Lindsay Weir. 

6. There’s a Star Wars reference for every situation. 

7. Don’t watch adult movies on the projector in your basement. (In the 80s, you couldn’t just close your tabs if your parents walked in…)

8. Dodgeball is a proper scary game. Don't try to be a hero.

9. Having a few good people around you is better than being popular. 

10. Be yourself, and know your passion. “You’ve just got to find your big, gigantic drum kit, you know?” – Nick Andopolis

11. You can’t skip class without getting caught by somebody.

12. Your dad’s embarrassing advice can sometimes contain nuggets of wisdom. “Do you know what happens when you put a rotten banana in a fruit bowl. All the other bananas go rotten. That’s what Kim Kelly is, a bad banana.” - Harold Weir. 

13. Sometimes you can be surprised by who you’re attracted to. 

14. You don’t have to give in to peer pressure. Just say “no thank you, I prefer to get high on life.” - Millie Kentner

15. John Bonham is God. 

16. Oh yeah and, high school sucks. 

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