Mitch Evans

Mitch Evans Profile

He started driving at 4; go-karting at 6; racing at 13; became the youngest winner of the New Zealand Grand Prix at 16. Born with racing in his blood, Evans has raced his way up to the international stage and now into the world of Formula E as a driver for Panasonic Jaguar Racing.

Between 2001 and 2007, he won 13 karting titles. These were often won whilst racing against older and more experienced opposition. 

By 2010, Mitch made his debut in the Toyota Racing Series for Giles Motorsport claiming pole position and a win. Two more wins and nine more podiums were enough to claim the series victory and in doing so Mitch became the youngest ever champion.

It was in February 2011 that Evans fulfilled his first career goal of the year by winning the New Zealand Grand Prix and doing so became the youngest driver to win the event.

Shortly after, Evans made the tough decision to leave New Zealand and travel to the other side of the word to Europe, to compete in the GP3 Series.

After several successful races, Mitch progressed into GP2 Series for a couple of years, before moving to Formula E in 2016.

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