For the People's six new attorneys.

The brains that gave us modern favourites Meredith Grey and Olivia Pope, have done it again.

This time they're taking the performance to the courtroom.

For the People is set in New York’s high-profile Southern District Court.

Cue the group of delightfully dysfunctional attorneys, fresh out of law school, driven and highly competitive. 

Their lives intersect inside and outside the courtroom, but this isn’t your typical relationship drama.

These grads are hardcore, over-achievers who aren’t easily distracted. 

It’s not just another legal drama either. The story is told from both sides, defense and prosecution.

Showrunner Paul Davies says “I wanted a richer picture of how the legal system works.” 

The newbies are sworn in, and thrown in the deep end with their first caseload (which includes everything from minor fraud to terrorism).

The question they’re all asking themselves is, “are we worthy?” 

For the People is another high-stakes Shonda Rhimes drama, with another bunch of kick-ass, colourful personalities. 

It’s a little wordy at times, but don’t worry, you don’t have to be a lawyer to get the idea.

Stream the premiere episode of For the People right here