A flack is a PR agent who promotes, publicises and protects her clients in the maelstrom of a modern media-led society.

Paquin plays one such damage control expert, Robyn, who will do anything – and we mean anything – to ensure her clients’ reputations remain intact.

The six-part series follows Robyn, her colleague Eve (Lydia Wilson), naïve intern Melody (Rebecca Benson) and boss Caroline (Sophie Okonedo) as they dominate the dark, cynical and sometimes twisted world of celebrity publicity.

When it comes to covering up illicit affairs, drug scandals or identity crises, these are the people you want on your side.

But while Robyn is completely in control of her clients' lives, her own is falling apart.

This is Paquin as you’ve never seen her before, playing a character she acknowledges isn’t supposed to be likable.

In fact, scriptwriter Oliver Lansley says he created the character of Robyn with complicated male protagonists like Don Draper, Walter White and Tony Soprano in mind.

“I see this era of television as one in which women’s roles are interesting, flawed and complicated, where they’re not necessarily perfect,” Paquin told Deadline.

“People are not going to mind that Robyn’s not very sympathetic, they’re going to be enthralled with the story, seeing a real human.”

Flack premieres Friday 22 February. Same day as the U.S.