He has worked in hotels, bars, at private functions, and weddings.

He likes the constant engagement with customers and meeting so many people.

He thinks that having great people skills is the most important thing in hospitality, along with some common sense and being capable, all of which he believes he possesses. 

In his opinion, the most memorable staff are the ones with a smile on their face who go out of their way for their customers.

Thoughts on dating

While people are on a date, Louis will give them advice if they ask for it. Things like whether he thinks the other person is into them or not, and what he thinks they should do next. 

Louis would be very reluctant to ruin another man’s date by “cutting his lunch”. This is that man’s time to shine - unless he’s being a “tool”, then he would perhaps be more inclined to attempt to make the date more enjoyable.

If someone is clearly punching above their weight, Louis would tell them to go for it, because confidence is very attractive.

Personal life

Louis’ love life is nothing serious but steady. He thinks the modern dating scene can be very exhausting. 

He thinks the secret to a successful date is firstly meeting someone you can relate to and laugh with. 

It is a great start to avoiding awkwardness, and he believes the more casual a first date, the better it will be.

Louis steers clear of matchmaking since he tried it once and the relationship turned nasty.

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