But he is always excited when it’s time to take it to the TV screen for First Dates New Zealand!

Recently he won the “Tales of the Cunning Cocktail” competition run by Quick Brown Fox Coffee Liqueur, for his take on an Espresso Martini.

He enjoys meeting and talking to people from all walks of life at his job and making their night memorable.

On top of making great cocktails Jonny also studies full time towards his Masters of Dance Studies

Thoughts on dating

Jonny’s advice to people who are on a date is to relax and be themselves. He knows it is cheesy but some people try to play off a certain character or project an ideal self, but he sees this as a flawed plan that will eventually become obvious to the other person.

He tries to make people smile or laugh to make them feel comfortable when nervous. He has found that making people feel at home in his bar works wonders.

He can tell if a date is going well based on body language, if there is agitation or signs of looking uncomfortable it’s probably not going well.

Personal life

Jonny has been with his girlfriend for more than 4 years. He thinks the modern dating scene has its flaws, but the main problem is that people are trying too hard to impress, and therefore forget to be themselves.

He thinks the secret to a successful date is to relax. It’s magical to watch when there is good chemistry between a couple.

Season two of First Dates New Zealand starts Thursday 19 April at 8.30pm on TVNZ 2.