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Real people, real blind dates, and a real twist! Cameras follow their every move, as these hopeful daters look for love. What happens next is up to them!

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    Season 3, Episode 1
    • Thursday 21 Feb

    PG Supplement salesman Ryan is ready to shed himself of the "muscle man" stigma and find the girl for him. Meanwhile, 30-year-old truck driver Jake is looking for someone who can accept his life on the road, as well as his mullet.

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      • Thursday 23 May

      G Jason is a tall, good-looking fireman from Darwin. Will he fan the flames of flight attendant Taylor's desires? Meanwhile, plus size designer and model Kate is looking for a big bearded "dad bod" she can climb on.

      • Thursday 16 May

      G Mikeala and Eliza are a double-trouble, sister act. Both pro surfers the sisters are looking for some love in their lives after leading busy lives on the pro circuit.

      • Thursday 9 May

      G 25-year-old tradie Brad is looking for a girl who's down to earth and authentic. Will he hit it off with Instagram model Sarah? Also, pole-dancing stockbroker Libby is after a guy who appreciates her unique qualities.

      • Thursday 11 Apr

      PG 29-year-old Italian born electrician Daniel is looking for a lady into tradies. He's proud of his roots and might have met his match with half Italian tradie fan Alex.

      • Thursday 4 Apr

      PG Hairdresser Bronte wants a sexy man with long hair who can rock the "man bun". Her date Thomas is everything she's dreamed of... tall and sexy, with an abundance of long hair.

      • Thursday 28 Mar

      G 25-year-old skipping teacher Emma has no problems impressing students with her rock star skipping skills, but she is struggling to rope in a man.

      • Thursday 21 Mar

      M Lingerie designer Jana is searching for a "big bald guy" to carry her over his shoulder and off into the sunset. Luckily for her, her date is bald-headed Englishman Chris who instantly impresses her.

      • Thursday 14 Mar

      PG A small business owner and a freelancer bond over their workloads and embarrassing laughs, and two proud nerds connect over their love of sci-fi and superheroes.

      • Thursday 7 Mar

      PG Meet the mother and daughter who have both been searching for love on Tinder. Also, British-born Josh dreams of meeting a kind Aussie larrikin!

      • Thursday 28 Feb

      PG 21-year-old Megan arrives from the magic kingdom, in search of her Prince Charming. Also, meet the real estate agent who has never actually been on a proper date!

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