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Fireman Sam

Sam's a community fireman in a small village in Wales. Each day he comes to the rescue of his friends and colleagues, who find themselves in perilous situations.

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Fireman Sam
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    Season 10, Episode 25

    G Series Final. Sam tells the kids the story of hidden treasure and Norman decides he wants to find it with the help from Joe's latest invention.

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      G Sam and the crew arrive at Lizzie's Vet Surgery to find Woolly stuck on the roof!

      G It's Sam's birthday and Charlie has gotten Joe to make Sam a remote-control model of Jupiter as a surprise present.

      G Norman, James, Sarah and Mandy go to play Castles and Kings at the ruins and Gareth builds them a cardboard dragon to use in their game.

      G James discovers Bella Lasagne's old recipes and starts to bake pizzas in the Whole Fish Cafe.

      G Norman wants a dog and looks after Auntie Phyllis' pooch to prove what a good owner he can be, but the dog won't do anything that Norman asks.

      G Mrs. Chen is taking a school trip to the ruins, but when Trevor shows up with the bus it is clearly not running well.

      G Norman is making a movie about an international spy, but unfortunately poor James has been roped in as his stunt double.

      G While Lizzie is giving an examination to Radar, Hannah is left in charge of the veterinary centre and inadvertently allows a fox to escape.

      G It's autumn and getting dark early, so Sarah and James plan to host a spooky party in the Wholefish Cafe for their friends.

      G Sam arrives at Mike's workshop to find Elvis and Mike rehearsing for a concert, but an argument soon escalates and the band breaks up.

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