Filthy Rich's golden girl has woken up. We knew she had it in her.


Last season’s finale of Filthy Rich ended with Savannah being thrown from a multi-storey balcony.

At the time, we were pretty certain she wouldn’t survive. It seemed pretty impossible, right? So we reluctantly mourned one of our favourite characters.

HOWEVER, television drama continues to surprise us.

In the final moments of last week’s premiere, we saw Savannah wake up. Groggy and muddled in the hospital, but alive nonetheless.

Savannah waking up to find Fisher in her hospital room.

As the evil Fisher stood menacingly over her hospital bed, Savannah was defenceless.

Considering Fisher was the one responsible for her current state, things weren’t looking too good for Vannah.

Thankfully though, a nurse comes to the rescue, and Fisher is forced to stand down.

Playing nice, he tells her that she jumped from the building, rather than being pushed, which we all know she was. 

Fisher sweet-talking Savannah's nurse.

Savannah's memory’s still pretty hazy though.

She can’t remember her mother Lorna’s fatal accident.

When Vader brings her up to speed, she thinks it was her mother’s death that pushed her over the ledge. 

Vader visiting Savannah at the hospital.

Vader’s on Fisher’s trail though, and he’s determined to prove his involvement.

He tracks down Fisher’s wife, but she’s unwilling to cooperate.

When he enlists Cherry’s help, all he does is put her at risk too. 

Fisher, irritated by Vader's interference, sets out to bring him down.

Snake's thugs threatening Cherry, on Fisher's orders.

Vader’s making himself some dangerous enemies.

Can he get Savannah the justice she deserves? All while keeping his stolen identity under wraps?

Right now Savannah’s broken and vulnerable. But we have faith that she’ll be up and fighting in no time.

If we know her at all, we know that she’ll be out for blood if she discovers the truth.

She’s a powerful player in the battle for the Truebridge empire. As Brady says, “I have plans for that girl that don’t include dying.” 

Savannah recovering.


Filthy Rich airs Tuesdays at 8.30pm on TVNZ, or stream the full episodes here.