So it's been a year, and we have a lot of questions. Will Savannah be the same after she wakes up? Will John Jr really change his vile ways? Will Vader be outed as an impostor? 
Hopefully all will be revealed in good time. For now, we're happy to have our Filthy family back.
Here's where they're at after Episode 1.



A woman scorned, Brady no longer has any say on the Truebridge Board of Directors.

Betrayed, and publically humiliated by Vivian, Brady vows to take revenge and get back what’s hers.

Fisher suggests she bow out quietly, but Brady won’t back down.

Her plan is to take on a failing freight company, and work her way back up.

Brady finds an unexpected ally in John Jr, and they conspire to take down Truebridge Hunt from within.

Her plans are put on hold, however, when she hears about Savannah’s accident.




John's determined to be a better man, particularly for Ariana's sake.

He proposes, dropping a knee in front of everybody at a fundraiser event.

Ariana accepts, but we’re still not quite convinced it will last.

Cut off financially, however, John embraces his old ways, and turns to blackmail.

He demands his mother release his trust fund, or he’ll reveal the truth about Joe’s birth mother.

He manages to lock down a position in the company too, despite having no business experience whatsoever. 


Joe decides to give things a proper go with Annabelle, and make their relationship more than just a business deal.

His family don’t take to her so warmly though.

Joe finds out Truebridge Hunt plan to shut down the factory where his brother works. He’s powerless to stop it, but Joe’s family are hurt nonetheless.

Aside from that, he seems to be embracing his new role and businessman. But he has trouble working alongside Vivian and her racist ideals.

Ariana feels guilty about keeping the truth about Joe’s birth mother from him. She convinces John they should tell him.

However, Vivian gets to Joe first. She tracks down Malia, herself.

She introduces them, and Joe is stunned. Until then, he believed his mother died a long time ago.


Vader’s down in the dumps after Savannah says she wants nothing to do with him.

However, when he finds out about her fall, he’s determined to get to the bottom of it (excuse the pun).

His investigations lead him to Snake, and he figures out that Fisher was there when Savannah “fell”.

Vader enlists Cherry to help him work out Fisher’s involvement, but this only puts her in danger.

Meanwhile Gillian (the real Garth’s mother), is angry at Vader for living a lie. He insists he was only trying to help. 


Savannah is alive! For now anyway.

She wakes up, distressed, not knowing what happened.

Fisher charms the nurse in the ICU, who gives him access to Savannah. He enters her hospital room, where she’s alone and powerless.

Will he finish the job he started? 

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