What we know so far...

John playing nice with Ariana.

1. John Jnr. will never change.

Earlier on, it looked as though our favourite ratbag might be changing his ways.

John pledged himself to Ariana, and was determined to do good by her. However, he fell back into his old ways pretty quickly.

His business venture, for example, isn’t exactly a moralistic masterpiece. And his behaviour behind the scenes is despicable at best.  

Once a scoundrel always a scoundrel.

He’s unpredictable and fun to watch though, so we’re not really complaining.  

Joe and Ariana share a close moment.

2. Joe and Ariana belong together.

Seeing the pair of them buddied up again is kind of bittersweet.

We’re glad they’re on good terms, but frustrated to see them leading such separate lives.

There’s no denying Joe and Ariana still have chemistry, and they understand one another so well.

The only thing standing in their way is their mutual stubbornness.  

Annabel and John Jnr, respectively, are nothing but unwelcome distractions. 

Savannah and Brady at Lloyd's party.

3. Brady and Savannah are a force to be reckoned with.

Hell hath no fury like Brady scorned. She has nothing left to lose, and she eats men like Fisher and Lloyd for breakfast.

With tough-as-nails Savannah by Brady’s side, they’ve got a real shot.

Savannah is a master manipulator, and she can taste revenge on the tip of her tongue. 

Fisher contemplates his next move.

4. Fisher is evil, but he’s only human.

When things aren’t going his way, he has a tantrum. (Behind closed doors of course).

Fisher's also completely wrapped around Savannah's little finger.

When he starts to doubt her, she pays him a little, um, late night visit. Then bam, he’s convinced that he can trust her again. Classic. 


Nancy offers Brady some support.

5. Nancy wins at life.

Okay so we know she’s not a main character, but Nancy’s a joy to watch.

Her ability to be positive in every scenario is a great tonic for all the dramatic heartbreak and uncertainty.

She’s pretty wise too, despite being arguably insane.


What remains unanswered...

Brady plots her revenge.

1. Who will actually come out on top.

The battle for control of Truebridge Hunt is far from over.

Of course we’d love to see Brady at the helm where she belongs, but it’s not an easy road.

Will Fisher get what he deserves and go down for his crimes? He has some powerful friends to protect him, so we can’t be sure.

Kennedy learns the truth about her father.

2. If Kennedy can keep her secret.

She’s discovered a whole family she never knew she had.

We’re happy for Kennedy, but apprehensive about how it will end for her. Seems too good to be true.

Brady’s deadset on having nothing to do with Kennedy’s father. She'll inevitably find out though, especially if Kennedy keeps spending time with them.

Can’t really blame the kid. 

Malia working for Lloyd.

3. The deal with Malia.

Joe's birth mother turned up out of the blue, it seems, claiming that deserting him was best for everyone.

It appears Malia has a role to play, but we’re not sure if she’s genuine.

Is she just another gold digger?

And she seems to have it in for Brady which doesn’t sit well with us.  

Vader playing the rich boy role.

4. If Vader's days are numbered.

He’s in a good position now that Brady knows the truth of his identity, but the cracks in Vader's story are starting to show.

The real Garth can’t be in a coma forever, right? Then what?

Fisher’s almost outed Vader once, it’s only a matter of time before another enemy makes the connection.


5. A happy ending for Vader and Savannah.

They almost had it. If only love was enough.

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