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Filthy Rich

Tuesdays at 9pm on TVNZ 2

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Filthy Rich – Tuesday 16 Feb 2016

  • Season 1, Episode 2

AO After losing her husband, Brady Truebridge is left to deal with his three illegitimate children. But as she sets out to kill with kindness, John Jr sets his sights on a new conquest.

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Tuesday 16 Feb 2016
  • Season 1, Episode 2
  • Filthy Rich Episodes

      • Season 1, Episode 20

      AO Season Finale: Brady uncovers information that sends shockwaves throughout the family. The truth about John Truebridge Snr's death is revealed, and one life is left hanging in the balance.

      • Season 1, Episode 19

      AO Joe tries to win back Arianna as John Jnr makes an extreme proposal. Brady and John Jnr form a new alliance but treachery in the boardroom has shocking consequences.

      • Season 1, Episode 18

      AO Joe and John Jnr face off over Ariana, as Joe gets unexpected news. Kennedy's entrapment plot comes disastrously unstuck.

      • Season 1, Episode 17

      AO Savannah continues on her path of self-destruction as Brady enlists the help of Fisher to save her. Joe receives a bombshell from Toni; and John Jnr may finally have his wicked way with Arianna.

      • Season 1, Episode 16

      AO Brady tries to pull Savannah back from the dark side as she continues her path of self-destruction. John Jnr pulls out all the stops to seduce Arianna.

      • Season 1, Episode 15

      AO Savannah heads to the police station to confess; Joe realises that he and Annabelle might have a stalker; and a blast from Vader's past threatens to out his true identity.

      • Season 1, Episode 14

      AO Joe continues his love affair while John Jnr comforts a distraught Arianna. Evidence emerges about Karls death that will have devastating consequences...

      • Season 1, Episode 13

      AO Brady discovers John Snr may have more hidden secrets and Grace reveals her true feelings to a shocked Kennedy. Joe makes a play for power that lands him in bed with a new temptress.

      • Season 1, Episode 12

      AO John Jnr sets his sights on a new target and Savannah pieces together the clues to discover who framed Brady.

      • Season 1, Episode 11

      AO Brady is in over her head as the evidence stacks up against her. Meanwhile, Joe takes drastic action to break free from John Jnr.

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