Played by Emma Fenton

Savannah has an easy going, friendly manner but she's no one’s fool

She left school young, and has seen a lot for someone so young. 

From an early age Savannah shouldered the responsibility of caring for her mum during her bad patches.

Savannah grew up with a familiar bedtime story - about how she was born to a rich father, and should really be a princess. Discovering the truth of her birth turned out to be far from a fairy tale though.

Savannah is way more calculating and strategic than anyone suspected, going behind Brady's back to get what was hers.

However, she put her trust in the wrong people. The power-hungry Fisher tried to eliminate her, by throwing her from a balcony. 

Savannah survived the fall, but has no memory of the incident. It will be a slow recovery for Savannah, but she's nobody's victim...