Played by Josh McKenzie

John Truebridge Jnr is handsome and charming. He's also arrogant and offhand to those who don't interest him.

He lies easily, and doesn't possess much empathy. 

When John was growing up, he was disappointment to his father. This distance only increased after Brady came on the scene. 

At the age of 17 John started rebelling. He took expensive risks, dabbling with drugs and high class call girls. It was all a game to John.

What he really craved was his father's respect, somthing he'll never be able to earn now. 

Now it appears he's a changed man, working for his living and engaged to the beautiful Ariana. 

However, John's unable to change his spots completely. He will play a dangerous game to gain control. 

Will the truth of his past lead him down the path of destruction once more?