Played by Alex Tarrant

Joe is a serious, attentive, and determined young man.

Joe grew up in a close-knit family, the youngest of five children. There wasn't much money, but a lot of love and support.

His envisioned his future, living a quiet life working with troubled youth at a local community centre.

However, Joe's world was turned upside down, when he discovered the truth of his birth. He felt like his whole life had been a lie, leaving him confused and angry. 

In search of answers about his birth parents, Joe fell into the tangled web of the Truebridge empire. 

His newfound ambition saw him lose his fiancée, Ariana. Joe's business life may be going well now, but his personal life is a mess.

Trapped in a loveless relationship with Annabelle, Joe finds himself torn between allegiances. 

In Season 2, bombshell after bombshell will leave Joe even more uncertain than ever. He'll have some big decisions to make.