Played by Miriama Smith 

Brady Truebridge is the beautiful, driven, formidable second wife of John Truebridge.

She went from a humble apprentice hairdresser in Gisborne, to the head of one of the country's largest corporations.

Brady is street smart, and an excellent reader of people, though she is not unkind, or without principle.

Brady's one mistake was getting knocked up when she was young. She loves her daughter, Kennedy, and is determined she will have the advantages Brady dreamed of as a child.

Brady is of Maori, Dalmatian and Scottish stock. and has bad stuff in her background - but she doesn't really think about the past, it’s the future and how she can control it that interests her.

Brady is all about winning, and is ruthless in pursuit of her goals. Sometimes this ambition can blind her to the harm she does to those closest to her.

Brady met John Truebridge when she was managing a hair salon. He was quickly besotted by her mind as much as her beauty. He left his wife, Vivian, to marry Brady.

Following John's untimely death, Miriama picked herself up and took control of the company. But she was overthrown and kicked off the board by Vivian and her allies. 

In Season 2, Brady starts from nothing once more. But she refuses to abandon her husband's legacy. 

Brady plans to take back what is hers, and take down her enemies in the process.