Join the Fanimals family and their furry friends for an animal education! Meet the Kiwi kids who are nuts about animals, and the rescued pets finding new homes.

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    Monday 12 Mar 2018
    • Season 2018, Episode 1

    G New: Fanimals is the cutest show on TVNZ 2! Join host Jess, 'Ask Me Anything Vet' Stacey Tremain (Vet Tales, Kiwi Living) and our Fanimals family every weekday for all you need to know about animals.

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      • Season 2018, Episode 200

      G Season Final: Molson's off on holiday so we're packing his suitcase and he wants you to follow his journey, we meet Daisy the Newfoundland and her nuts about animals family, and we play a Fanimals Christmas game!

      • Season 2018, Episode 199

      G It's feline Fanimals day so Paige takes us to meet the meerkats at Auckland Zoo, we give Micro and Chip their very own close up, and Freya introduces us to her uber fluffy Norwegian Forest cat Tash.

      • Season 2018, Episode 198

      G It's our Christmas Call of Nature for a lucky Fanimals Club Member, Neveah shows us all her animals in Nuts About Animals, and Paige takes us to the vet to meet a kakapo and a Meerkat!

      • Season 2018, Episode 197

      G Paige is here to give you the lowdown on ungulates in Mini Zookeeper, we're making decorations for our Fanimals Christmas tree, and Willow and her rabbits are taking us through hoops on Best In Show.

      • Season 2018, Episode 196

      G Catch up with Zac and Lizzie in Nuts About Animals, get up close and personal with our own Northland green geckos Taika and Tama, and will you be winning on our last Animal Lookalikes of the year?

      • Season 2018, Episode 195

      G It's Friday and Fanimals is throwing a unicorn party, we watch Emily and Grace compete at the National Dog Show on Best in Show, and make spinach and potato pancakes that your whole whanau will love!

      • Season 2018, Episode 194

      G We go on a helicopter ride with Richie McCaw to see some endangered orange fronted parakeets, you could win a prize on Guessimals, and Stacey our Ask Me Anything Vet answers your chicken questions!

      • Season 2018, Episode 193

      G We hang out with some baby flamingos at Auckland Zoo, you could win big on 'Call of Nature', and we show you how to make a bird feeder wreath for TWEETmas!

      • Season 2018, Episode 192

      G Meet Cassidy the dog who's looking for her forever home on SPCA Diaries, we show you how to make a Rudolph the reindeer night light, and you could win a prize on Trick for Treat!

      • Season 2018, Episode 191

      G Find out which path you chose for Baxter 'The Dragon Who Thought He Could', your pet photo could win a prize on Animal Lookalikes, and we meet Isaac and his bees!

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