Join the Fanimals family and their furry friends for an animal education! Meet the Kiwi kids who are nuts about animals, and the rescued pets finding new homes.

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    Monday 12 Mar 2018
    • Season 1, Episode 1

    G Fanimals is the cutest show on TVNZ 2! Join host Jess, 'Ask Me Anything Vet' Stacey Tremain (Vet Tales, Kiwi Living) and our Fanimals family every weekday for all you need to know about animals.

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      • Season 2, Episode 200

      G Series Final: It's the last episode of Fanimals, so come and join the finale party as we celebrate all the amazing animals, stories and people we've met over the past two years, as well as our most important Fanimals whānau member - YOU!

      • Season 2, Episode 199

      G For our final week of Fanimals each day is chock full of fun! This afternoon we see some of our favourite moments with our guests and we have tiny kittens in the backyard!

      • Season 2, Episode 198

      G We continue the festivities for the final Fanimals week today with epic highlights from Farmyard Olympics, and we share the heart-warming story of the Fanimals guinea pigs George, Gregory and Gavin.

      • Season 2, Episode 197

      G It's the last week of Fanimals and the grand finale of Kurī Tōtika takes off today with the top three fastest dogs back to race for the gold, and Jess shows you how to draw Molson!

      • Season 2, Episode 196

      G It's the final week of Fanimals and we are celebrating our amazing journey and animals all week long, starting today with our wonderful rabbits and the last episode of Baxter the Dragon!

      • Season 2, Episode 195

      G Today for our Friday party we are celebrating all of YOU! We have all whole lot of cuties from the clubhouse and from the farmyard to round out the week.

      • Season 2, Episode 194

      G We meet Sam Purdie and his array of incredible insects, Mikayla puts the finishing touches on her Robopet and we make an amazing alligator cape!

      • Season 2, Episode 193

      G A Mexican walking fish strolls into the backyard for a visit, Jess makes some cool coasters from recycled milk bottle tops and we award the medals for this round of Farmyard Olympics!

      • Season 2, Episode 192

      G Today we have our last dog race through Kuri Tōtika before the finals, and it's a mighty and massive Leonberger! Plus we draw a cool caterpillar and you could win a pony prize pack!

      • Season 2, Episode 191

      G It's a brand new week and we've got a budgie called Bernard, a dog called Django and Jess shows you how to make a feeder for wild birds!

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