Family Food Fight team, The Sheppards

From Western Australia come the Sheppard family.

Husband and wife, Tom and Ruth, have teamed up with Ruth’s parents, Deb and Gary, to take on Family Food Fight.

With a passion for hearty, homemade food, the Sheppards’ love of travel inspires their menus.

Between them, the Sheppards have travelled to more than 60 countries, including Borneo, Cambodia, Laos, China and Japan. Asian flavours are a favourite.

They say they often choose their destinations based on what food they can enjoy while abroad. South America is still on the wish list.

An engineer by trade, Gary loves to grill and use his open-pit BBQ and smoker. Being semi-retired, he enjoys spending more time indulging in his cooking hobby.

Retired wife Deb is the kitchen matriarch, who uses herbs and vegetables from her own garden. Her first memory of cooking is with her Nanna, making biscuits in a wood-fired stove.

Tom is a perfectionist who likes to ensure things run to plan while the family cooks. Currently a social worker, he would love to make a career change into the food and hospitality industry.

Ruth is on maternity leave from her job as a nurse and midwife, but she has a passion for desserts and loves to create sweet treats. Ruth’s calm nature will hopefully come in handy during the competition.

For the competitive Sheppards, family and food are always linked. It’s time to show Australia what they’ve got.