Family Food Fight team, The Shahrouks

As four sisters in a family of 11 children, Houda, Halla, Leeann and Rouba Shahrouk are revved up and ready to go!

They're hoping to bring a feisty Lebanese flavour to Family Food Fight.

These loud ladies are passionate when it comes to food – and each other – despite a little good-natured bickering here and there.

Born and bred in Australia, with 19 children between them, it is clear that they have no trouble catering for huge family gatherings. In fact they’re a weekly occurrence, with up to 50 people around the table on a Saturday night.

Taught to cook by their mother Shamma, the sisters all respect the matriarch. Shamma fosters a close family culture, and inspires her daughters to connect through food.

Father Hassan is also 100% behind his daughters’ quest to become Australia’s Number One Food Family.

The Shahrouk women all observe the Islamic faith. Halal, part of their everyday cooking, will feature in the Family Food Fight kitchen.

With Middle Eastern cuisine on the menu, their mealtime is always generous and delicious.

Ingredients such as sour pomegranate juice, rosewater and orange blossom take pride of place in their pantry.

Each sister has her own kitchen style, which complements the others.

Homemaker and student Halla is warm, cheeky and democratic. She’s loud, but is happy to take instruction in the kitchen and get on with the job.

Houda is a women’s health coach, who considers herself a motivator. She's also very creative in the kitchen.

Stay-at-home mum Rouba is focused and organised… and possibly the loudest of all.

Leeann, also a homemaker, has a strong competitive streak. She's also a perfectionist, a trait she gets from her mother. 

With beyond boundless energy, the Shahrouks are ready to give Family Food Fight their all.