Family Food Fight team, The Panayides.

The Panayides family would be the first to admit they are hot-headed when they get together in the kitchen.

With passions running high, expect these foodies to argue as they strive for success on Family Food Fight.

Each one thinks they have the best approach, which can lead to heads butting. But once it’s over they kiss and make up.

Fishing and cooking with seafood play a big part in the lives of this family.

For father George, having a chance to explore the family’s Greek Cypriot roots with children Soulla, Con, and Fanos is a dream come true.

George’s father was a celebrated chef in Cyprus, who passed his knowledge on to George. In turn, George has instilled a love of food in the next generation.

His kids refer to him as a “classic old-school Greek” who loves his homemade wine and ouzo.

George is an expert at traditional dishes and clay oven cooking, so expect to see him leading the team.

The family have all previously worked in fish shops and they love seafood. It will be the go-to dish as they celebrate their traditional cuisine.

Having lost everything after the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, the family were refugees, before finding a new life in Australia in 1976. George and his wife arrived in Australia with a suitcase, two young kids, no money and no English.

While proudly Australian, the Panayides are also proud of their heritage. Having endured hardships together, the strength of the family unit is obvious.

Perhaps the most well-rounded cook, manager and mum Soulla holds her own beside her father and brothers.

Soulla’s kitchen skills are multifaceted. She is adept at both savoury and sweet, just as she is in her role as boss and peacemaker.

Brother Con, a father of three and fishmonger by trade, is a straight-shooter who is confident, funny and opinionated. Cooking meat and seafood are his strengths.

Younger brother Fanos is a security guard trainer. He's extremely disciplined by nature, a quality that will no doubt come in handy in the Family Food Fight kitchen.

The Panayides won’t leave anybody guessing about their passionate cooking style, as they aim to triumph.