Family Food Fight team, The Gibaldis.

Loud and proud, the Italian Gibaldi family live by the motto “Italians do it better.” That’s the attitude they bring to the Family Food Fight kitchen too.

The Gibaldi team are Pina, her daughter Rose, brother-in-law Frank, and Frank’s son-in-law Corrado.

Having grown up around food, the family embrace their culture wholeheartedly.

Fiery Frank moved to Australia when he was 18. A retired barista, Frank has worked in restaurants all his life and is easily the rowdiest of the family.

Frank’s sister-in-law Pina, by contrast, is the quiet achiever. A retired clothing factory machinist, she's now a full-time Nonna to her five grandchildren.

Pina learnt to cook from her grandmother, and has a wealth of authentic Sicilian recipes to draw from. She loves to cook for her children and grandchildren. It’s her way of showing love.

Rose, single mum of two teenagers, considers herself the sous chef of the Gibaldi family. She supports the others, and is the driving force behind the team. Organisation and presentation are among her strengths.

Everything Rose knows in the kitchen she learnt from her mum. By day she's a manager at an Italian restaurant, owned by her chef brother Angelo.

Corrado, the father of two young girls, is the dessert man. Although he also loves making olives, sausages and pancetta too.

A carpenter by trade, Corrado has lived in Australia for 14 years. He met and fell in love with Frank’s daughter Laura in Italy.

Cooking is Corrado’s dream. He learnt a lot from both his mother, and a friend in Italy who owned a patisserie.

The Gibaldis reckon every recipe they cook has a secret ingredient, and it will stay that way.