Family Food Fight team, The Butlers.

Fun-loving and food-loving is how the Butler family may best be described.

For father John, Family Food Fight represents the chance to get back into the kitchen with his daughters EJ and Kate, bringing EJ’s husband Aleks along for the ride.

The Butlers are obsessed with food, and cooking has been a passion for John since the girls were growing up. As the cook of the household, he instilled in his daughters a love of being in the kitchen. It’s obvious that they have spent a lot of time on the pots and pans over the years.

In particular John loves smoking and barbecuing meats, he's even installed an outdoor kitchen in the family home.

Aleks, a software project manager, is equally enthusiastic. He grew up in a family of Ukrainian descent, where food is all about family and flavours. He shares a love of smoking meats with John, and recently started making his own sausages.

Cooking and eating is a big part of the free time Aleks and EJ spend together. EJ is also surrounded by food at work, as a retail manager at a delicatessen in Melbourne. 

As a tight-knit unit in the kitchen, the Butlers will most likely defer to EJ, who is recognised as the strongest cook. Her perseverance, efficiency and ability to lead will no doubt make her their unofficial captain.

EJ loves savoury flavours, particularly South-East Asian and Mediterranean dishes, packed full of flavour.

Kate works as a pediatric nurse  in Sydney but is very close to sister EJ. The family get together as often as they can.

Kate’s strength in the kitchen is baking and sweets, and if there’s a dessert specialist in the family it has to be her. She admits that while time management and communication in the kitchen are her strengths, cleanliness is not.

They will tell you that apart from food, they don’t take too much in life seriously. They're fiercely competitive though, so expect their game faces on as they strive for the prize on Family Food Fight.