Family Food Fight judge, Anna Polyviou

With Greek heritage, strong family ties and a love of home cooking are part of Anna's DNA.

Anna began her culinary career in 2000, as an apprentice in a Melbourne hotel restaurant. 

She won a scholarship and went on to work at Claridge's in London for three years.  

Anna won a number of awards, the most prestigious being the Nadell Trophy Award for Dessert of the Year and the Culinary Academy Award for Excellence in Pastry.

She's now affectionately known worldwide, as the mohawked pastry chef.

From there she travelled to Paris to work with world-renowned pastry chefs, before returning to Australia four years later. 

Anna has since transformed the pastry team in Sydney's Shangri-La Hotel, and her Dessert Degustation is a constant sellout.

In 2014, Anna hosted one of Australia’s first dessert festivals, Sweet Street, which showcased over 5,000 desserts made by Anna and her pastry friends.

She also continues to win awards in the industry, including Pasty Chef of the Year, Hotel Chef of the Year and Best Dessert at the Australian Foodservice awards.

Anna's also an ambassador for Smooth FM radio’s Chocolate Festival, and is currently working on a new cookbook.

Anna is in hot demand, juggling her pastry team at the Shangri-La with public appearances all over the world. Now she's adding the role of Family Food Fight judge to her impressive resumé.