The Shahrouk sisters

In the final Family Food Fight showdown, the Shahrouk sisters took on the Butler family

Each team had to produce a three course feast, for the judges and 40 VIP guests. 

Consistently creative and successful throughout the series, the Shahrouks managed to wow everybody once more. 

They stuck to their traditional style, producing a celebratory Lebanese meal of lamb pastries, kabsa and znood el sit

Judge Tom Parker Bowles declared their main the best dish of the competition. 

Sisters Halla, Houda, Rouba and Leeann took home $100,000 prize money, and the coveted Family Food Fight title. 

“The roof came down, there was screaming, crying, emotions. It was unbelievable.” Said Halla. “We just feel so proud." 

They loved every moment of the journey, and said the Family Food Fight experience was a very positive one. 

“We learnt new things about each other as sisters, and how to trust each other more in the kitchen.” 

The girls have no plans to give up cooking. They’re even considering starting a catering business or a pop-up Lebanese restaurant. Watch this space.

Congratulations Shahrouks! 

You can stream the Family Food Fight finale right here