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Mondays at 7.30pm on TVNZ 1
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  • Desperately Seeking Bambi

    Feathers are ruffled over a lost and found parrot that is at the centre of a bizarre 'pet-ternity' dispute.

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    Code Yellow

    There's trouble in the cot! The last thing newborn parents need is bad nappies, but theres a new and improved brand out there that is driving young mums mad.

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    Kid Etiquette

    Navigating the minefield of modern manners can be tricky especially when it comes to kids.

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    Bad Dress Codes

    There's trouble brewing over school dress codes. Should girls be allowed to ditch their dresses in favour of pants?

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    Chorus apologises for digging up Auckland woman's driveway entrance without notice and leaving a mess

    Some strange goings-on in Auckland's posh suburb of Remuera have got one resident feeling perplexed.

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    Google leaves residents of Coromandel town feeling stuck

    When is Duck Creek not Duck Creek? When it's called Hikuai.

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