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    ‘I cannot sleep through that’ – neighbour driven crazy by barking dog

    Elaine Booker says it took a trip to Fair Go to see progress on the problem, with the owner and authorities seeming to turn a deaf ear.

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    Meet the Kiwis taking the insurance-free gamble

    Fair Go certainly isnt recommending it, but some people chose to go without insurance cover.

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    A slippery slope

    What happens when your digger driver ploughs into the job with a bit too much enthusiasm? Anna Loveridge is in deep trouble. Every time it rains she sees her land slowly washing away.

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    An honest mistake

    Non-disclosure to insurance companies - a major problem ruining the lives of everyday Kiwis. Imagine discovering your insurer won't pay out because you forgot to tell them something. For more on the insurance law review check out the website below - submissions close July 13.

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